Being a property owner and landlord is challenging and time consuming enough with a good tenant. But what do you do when the tenant damages the property or fails to pay their rent or utilities? This can be a complicated process and end up costing you hours of time dealing with it. For small property owners or landlords with only a few rental homes or multi-dwelling units, one tenant can be a big problem. For many landlords, going through the eviction process or a small claims civil suit with a tenant is nerve racking and uncomfortable.

Wetterer & Clare has vast experience in representing landlords in Louisville. We have represented landlords with one house as an investment property and property management companies overseeing hundreds of units. We not only assist landlords through the legal eviction process but we defended landlords being sued by their tenants.

Wetterer & Clare will help you through your landlord/tenant issues. Call or email us today to schedule a free consultation.